Forest Governance Integrity (FGI) Programme


Transparency International’s Forest Governance Integrity (FGI) Programme serves as a preliminary step to contribute to improved and strengthened transparency, integrity and accountability of forest governance systems and related target groups in national, transnational and sub-national forest sector governance in the Asia Pacific region. The programme tackles corruption as a primary driver of illegal logging and poor forest management. It looks at corruption at all stages in timber production and processing chain and examines how it facilitates unsustainable harvesting, production, conversion, export, import and procurement of timber and wood products.

The FGI Programme focuses on:

  • Increasing awareness and knowledge of the systematic structure of forest sector corruption.

  • Fostering development and application of monitoring tools to enhance forest vigilance.

  • Strengthening cooperation among relevant stakeholders and the general public to address corruption in to forest sector.

The FGI Programme is implemented in Malaysia, China, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands with Indonesia as the regional Centre. The Transparency International Chapters in each country have set up local forestry units and a Regional Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia that implements the project with the support of the TI Secretariat based in Berlin, Germany.

GOAL of FGI Programme: To work towards a society where corruption-free forest governance and sustainable management enable increased economic development, poverty reduction and environmental protection.

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