Save Tasik Chini Campaign – By Transparency International Malaysia


2 & 3 October 2011: Tasik Chini Field Trip 1

Transparency International Malaysia’s Forest Governance Integrity Project (TIM-FGI) organized a field observation trip with Forest Research Institute Malaysia( FRIM), Institute of Foresters Malaysia (IRIM) and Kspatial Sdn Bhd. The fact finding trip on the status of Tasik Chini identified unsustainable development activities surrounding the lake. The activities were iron ore mining and agriculture related including plantations and shifting cultivation. These activities caused negative impact to the environment and Orang Asli community that depend on Tasik Chini for sustenance. A workshop was planned to highlight issues and challenges of Task Chini and find solutions.




26 November 2011: Workshop Care to Action: Multi-Pronged Strategy Needed To Reverse the Decline of Tasik Chini, Pahang

The TIM-FGI Malaysia organized the workshop to bring together relevant stakeholders to understand pertinent issues and find solutions to the existing challenges on Tasik Chini. The Workshop was supported by the Asian Public Intellectuals (API) and Institute of Foresters Malaysia (IRIM). It was participated by 54 stakeholders from various federal and state government agencies, environmental non-governmental organization; civil based organizations; civil society organizations; academia; media representatives and interest groups. The group discussion proposed resolutions to address issues related to Tasik Chini, Pahang.




23 March 2012: Meeting to Discuss the Memorandum to Reverse the Decline of  Tasik Chini, Pahang    

The meeting was held with local community representatives and partners to the memorandum (fellows of Asian Public Intellectuals, Malaysian Nature Society and Institute Rimbawan, Malaysia) to confirm text on the Memorandum and propose suitable dates for submission to the Prime Minister.




30 March 2012: Discussion on Memorandum to Reverse the Decline of Tasik Chini with the local community at Tasik Chini

The meeting to discuss the memorandum was participated by about 100 representatives from 9 villages, Jaringan Kampung Orang Asli Semenanjung Malaysia (JKOASM) and Persatuan Pelindung Tasik Chini. The local communities of Tasik Chini were anxious of development activities that are taking over their land. Their ancestral burial site at Kg. Melai was taken over by a plantation scheme without their consent. The JKOASM announced that they are going to initiate community mapping of Tasik Chini as it is accepted by the court of law if an issue arises with regards to Natives Customary Rights to land (NCR).



31 March 2012: Tasik Chini Site Visit 2
The site visit to the lake highlighted that the lotus population has dwindled to a small patch of about 5m x 5m and increased pest plants such the ekor kuching. A quick water quality check indicated high Total Suspended Solids (SS) with muddy waters flowing in from around the lakes to the Pahang river. This could be due to the storm of previous night; causing extreme land erosion as a result of rampant land clearing. Visibly, the hills surrounding the lake are being cleared and exposing earth, marking the surrounding area with dull orange mud.





10 April 2012: Submission of Memorandum to the YAB Prime of Malaysia
The Memorandum was submitted to Honourable Prime Minister on 10 April 2012. The delegation consisted of local community representatives; TIM-FGI; Institute of Foresters, Malaysia (IRIM); and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and 10 local community representatives.

The Honourable Prime Minister’s Senior Private Secretary, En. Muhammad Ammir Haron received the Memorandum and allocated 90 minutes to listen to the local community representatives. The proposed resolutions and action plans in the memorandum were read out by the local community.

A press conference was held outside the Prime Minister’s Office and 10 members of the media were present.




15 April 2012: En. Muhammad Ammir Haron, Senior Private Secretary to the Prime Minister of Malaysia visited Tasik Chini

En. Muhammad Ammir Haron visited Tasik Chini and found the situation worse than anticipated. He requested for responses from the District Office of Pahang and the Department of Orang Asli Development



23 April 2012: Prime Minister’s Office forwarded written response from District Office of Pekan and the Department of Orang Asli Development   (JKOA) 

En. Muhammad Ammir Haron forwarded responses from District Office of Pekan and the Department of Orang Asli Development (JKOA). He also informed that the Prime Minister had discussed the matter with the Menteri Besar (CM) of Pahang and advised TIM-FGI to contact the CM for further action.



 27 April 2012: Meeting: The Next Course of Action on the Memorandum

The meeting was attended by stakeholders to discuss the next course of action to the Memorandum. The Meeting studied responses from the District office of Pekan and the Department of Orang Asli Development. The Meeting outcome was sent to Pahang CM’s Office with a request for a meeting. The CM’s office has postponed the meeting.



9 May 2012: Second Letter to Menteri Besar of Pahang for an Appointment

There was no response from the Pahang CM’s Office.



15 June 2012: Tasik Chini Field Visit 3 and Local Community Consultation 

The local community representatives of Tasik Chini invited TIM-FGI for a site visit to ascertain further deterioration of the environment due to rapid logging and mining activities.The TIM-FGI team visited Tasik Chini and met the local community representatives and collated information on the sites in preparation for the meeting with the Menteri Besar of Pahang. The deterioration of the environment was found alarming.




24 July 2012: Meeting to Discuss Follow-Up Actions on the Memorandum

The Meeting was held with local community representatives of Tasik Chini, and endorsers and supporters of the Memorandum. It was proposed for the endorsers and supporters of the Memorandum to visit Tasik Chini on 5 August 2012 and Launch a National Campaign to Save Tasik Chini on 12 August 2012.



5 August 2012: Tasik Chini Site Visit 4 and Meeting the Community to Discuss Way Forward

The endorsers and supporters of the Memorandum visited Tasik Chini and met with about 200 local community representatives of Tasik Chini and surrounding areas. The local communities were already in preparation for the National Campaign.






The launch is envisaged to kick-start a road show as an advocacy work on Tasik Chini to enhance awareness on issues related to governance of Tasik Chini.