Photo Contest






“The Beautiful Rainforest”

(Scenes of the forest landscape or trees)



  1. The competition is open to the Voluntary Forest Monitors (VFM) of Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) ForestWatch Programme.
  2. Non-VFM individuals may visit www.timalaysia-forestwatch, to register as members and qualify as participants.
  3. No fees will be charged for registration as VFM members and for participation in the ForestWatch Photography Contest.
  4. Competition is open from 15th  July 2013 to 7th September 2013 ( has been extended )
  5. Each competitor must give three reasons why we should keep the rainforests alive.
  6. All photos are to reach TI-M on-line by 6th September through online submission at ForestWatch website.
  7. A maximum of three (3) different photos are allowed. The total file size should not exceed 10 mb.
  8. Each photo is to be accompanied by a caption.
  9. TI-M reserves the rights to use these photos at will with photo credit acknowledgement
  10. Names of winners will be announced online or during the incoming VFM events.
  11. All participants present will receive VFM caps and T-shirts.
  12. The Prizes    : 
  • RM1000
  • RM 500
  • RM 300
  • 5 x RM 100


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