Logging activity at the border of forest reserve kenoboi

 forest reserve  kenoboi kuala kelawang negeri sembilan.

Site Coordinate: http://maps.google.com.my/maps?q=3.222615,102.034736&hl=en&ll=3.226345,102.055508&spn=0.023395,0.042272&num=1&t=f&z=15

forest reserve kenoboi kuala kelawang negeri sembilan.

Picture taken while i at the summit mount besar hantu which is located at  forest reserve  kenoboi From summit mount besar hantu, clearly can see large area  of the forest cleared with bald patches, it is a clear signage that  logging activity at foot hill area of mount besar hantu which loacated at the forest reserve kenoboi which is betwen negeri sembilan and Pahang state. Photo takenat 05 feb 2012. Location map please refer to the below link. http://maps.google.com.my/maps?q=3.222615,102.034736&hl=en&ll=3.226345,102.055508&spn=0.023395,0.042272&num=1&t=f&z=15